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Magnate Assets UK Investment Guide 2024

UK Investment Guide 2024

The UK property market, a beacon of global stability, is dynamic and ever-evolving. As an astute property investor, understanding the market’s pulse is vital to capitalising on the most profitable opportunities across the nation.

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London guides page image

London Investment Guide

Given the recent turbulence in the world economies, domestic and international investors have increasingly viewed property in Central London as a haven. Although the London property market can...

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UK Off-Plan Investment Guide

UK Off-Plan Investment Guide

Off-plan property is one of the most popular types of investment property purchase in the UK, selected by investors from around the globe. What Is Off-Plan Property? If you’re unsure exactly what off-plan property is, what off-plan...

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liverpool city guides image

Liverpool Investment Guide

Liverpool has an auspicious future with over 270 significant new projects planned and 14£ billion worth of schemes. The numerous development and regeneration projects across commercial, residential, infrastructure, and leisure...

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Magnate Assets - Understanding Yields

Understanding Yields Guide

Rental yields are like the interest earnt on your savings in the bank. You save £100,000 with the bank and they offer 3% interest then you will receive £3,000 every year (less charges). Gross interest is before any fees, and net is after the fees...

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03-Magnate Assets Area Guide - Birmingham_

Birmingham Investment Guide

Birmingham is a key UK city that is rapidly attracting investors. As it increasingly establishes itself among the top areas in the country, rental demand is rising. The city is seeing an influx of businesses, professionals, and investors and exponential economic and population growth...

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Cash or Mortgage Guide

Cash vs Mortgage Guide

For the long-in-the-tooth investors, they know that borrowing money from the bank to buy property can make you more money from your investments than paying cash. The only question that you need to ask yourself is if you are comfortable going...

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2023 Property Market Predictions guide (1)

2023 Property Market Predictions

2022 was an exciting year for the UK property market, as the post covid recovery continued. There was record growth in house prices and rents across the UK which is great news for UK property investors and generating...

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Guide to Short Term Lets

Short Term Lets Guide

The journey of becoming a landlord typically involves the buy-to-let route. But just as there is a multitude of property types you can own, how you can make a return on any property investment also varies. Short-term lets are no exception and offer...

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Houses-in-Multiple-Occupation Guide

If a property is to be let to multiple occupiers who are not a family unit, the local authorities may class it as an HMO. This type of rental property can be an excellent investment opportunity...

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Guide to Renting - Preview

Guide to Renting

The UK is a mature property market and over time the government has introduced legislation toprotect the consumer, which in this case is both the landlord and the tenant. The landlord can rent and manage their own properties and...

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UK Investment Guide - Preview

UK Investment Guide

Across the globe, UK property is one of the strongest and most desirable asset classes. With the UK buy-to-let market now worth over £1 trillion, overseas investors are becoming increasingly interested in buying an investment property.

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