Why Invest in UK Property?

A guide for UK property investment.
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UK Property Investment Guide

Across the globe, UK property is one of the strongest and most desirable asset classes. With the UK buy-to-let market now worth over 1£ trillion, overseas investors are becoming increasingly interested in buying an investment property. With this guide, Magnate Assets will explain everything a new overseas investor should know when investing in UK property. This guide is useful not only to investors but for those looking to purchase a second home in the UK for themselves.

With rental demand up 76% early in 2022 in comparison with similar Q2 periods between 2018 and 2021, the UK rental market continues to grow steadily. New research indicates that rental stock in Britain has declined by over 40% during the past three years.

Population growth is a strong indicator of the prosperity and potential of a city or town. You should look to invest in an area where the population growth is rising. Renters are not likely to move to places that have no opportunities, so it’s a good idea to go where they go!

Property prices have
continued to increase, but the number of rental properties
available has decreased by as much as 43% in some areas. This has led to a shortage of quality property to rent and pushed the rental prices even higher.