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A guide for Manchester property investment.
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Manchester Property Investment Guide

Manchester is one of the UK›s biggest property investment hubs. The original industrial city has grown into a thriving cultural, leisure, and business metropolis attracting thousands of professionals and students each year. Buy-to-let apartments in the city centre number in the hundreds, and outlying areas like Ancoats, Media City, and Salford are equally as popular with both investors and residents. Manchester has become the UK›s second city behind London and is one of the country's most attractive and thriving property markets. Beyond property, the city's economy continues to expand, attracting global business. Manchester has also been voted as the best city to live in within the UK, is one of the country's largest tourist destinations, and boasts job creation levels that have outpaced Tokyo, Berlin, and Paris between 2015 and 2020.

The growth in Manchester’s market is in large part due to a significant undersupply of rental properties in the city. While across the UK in general there has been a steady rise in rental demand by tenants, this is even higher in Manchester, so much so that for every five potential renters there is only one
rental property available.

Manchester’s population growth is, of course, a massive contributor to this growing demand, with the city’s population increasing by over 7% in the last ten years and over 27% in the
last 30. Investors in buy-to-let in Manchester can thus expect consistent rental demand and long-term capital appreciation. 

With competitive prices and high rental returns, yield
opportunities in Manchester property investment are
exceptionally promising. Manchester offers some of the highest rental yields in the UK, sitting around 6.3% on average. This is higher than in areas like London, Liverpool, Birmingham, and Leeds.