Guide to Short-Term Lets

A guide to Short-Term Lets in the UK.
Magnate Assets - Guide to Short Term Lets

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UK Short-Term Lets Guide

The journey of becoming a landlord typically involves the buy-to-let route. But just as there is a multitude of property types you can own, how you can make a return on any property investment also varies. Short-term lets are no exception and offer an alternative way of generating income from a property. 

The standard of newbuild apartments constructed in recent times has exceeded
previous standards. In many
ways, the change in building style is reflective of the Dubai market, in that homes now offer a place to live, work and relax all
in the same space.

A yield of between 10% and 14% is considered a ‘good’ yield for short-term and holiday let properties in
the UK. In contrast, buy-to-let properties have a typical yield of between 3% and 7% depending on where you buy in the UK. for leisure and business travellers.

As with any kind of property investment, research really is the key. With short term lets, what we know is that they are most popular with tourists followed by working professionals. It’s also wise to find out what months offer the best yield potential in that city and the local area.