2023 Property Market Predictions

What could Happen to the UK Housing Market Next Year?
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Your 2023 Property Market Predictions

2022 was an exciting year for the UK property market, as the post covid recovery continued. There was record growth in house prices and rents across the UK which is great news for UK property investors and generating high rates of return. 

As 2022 has ended, you may be wondering what could happen in 2023? With that question in mind, we have created this guide to share what we think some of the things 2023 could bring and what this means to investors.

New Years are often seen as a fresh start, and for those looking to invest their money, property is always one that is considered. Investing in property is one of the most secure ways of investing your money. It offers the chance of good investment returns in a stable market for long term investors. 

Buy-to-let properties make investors’ money in 2 ways, from the rental income (Yield) and appreciation, which is where your property increases in value over time so that when you sell, you make a profit.